Hello everyone!

I am honored to accept the nomination and chance to run for a seat on the advisory committee. I have great enthusiasm for the DPCA and for DPC in general and want to help the DPCA continue to expand and improve value and content for its members.

As one of the founding members of the DPCA, I saw the original vision of a need for an association that was just for DPC Docs and the spark to get things started. I know the hard work that the Board members have done to create the current DPCA and I would love the opportunity to help shape the next phase of growth and development.

I am the sole physician at Township Health DPC in Silverton, OR. I transitioned out of a 20 year insurance based private multi physician group practice in April of 2017. I quickly grew my practice to full capacity within a year of opening. I am very passionate about growing the DPC movement and mentoring new DPC Docs. I have mentored 4 new Docs to open practices in the last 2 years in northern Oregon and SW Washington, all of which are growing and successful. I have presented at both DPC Summit and D4PC Nuts and Bolts because I love being part of saving other Docs from our awful medical system and changing healthcare.

I know almost all of the nominees and I know that no matter the outcome of the vote, that there will be 4 exceptional Docs on the committee. Iā€™m grateful for the opportunity to run for a seat.


Rob Rosborough MD