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DPC-Aligned Discounts

The DPC Alliance has negotiated with more than four dozen DPC-aligned businesses and service providers to empower DPCA members with an assortment of special discounts of goods and services that are needed to run their unique practices.

These programs will allow DPC practices to cut operating costs and do what they do best: provide amazing and affordable care to their patients.


We are proud to announce the launch of the DPCA Group Purchasing Program (GPP), developed in partnership with Henry Schein. The GPP exists solely to make life easier—and practice operations more affordable—for our members.

By enrolling in the DPCA Group Purchasing Program our members can take advantage of incredible pricing for goods and services to meet their needs across the entire span of running their unique practices.

Malpractice Insurance for DPC Docs!

The DPC Alliance--in partnership with PracticeProtection--offers a malpractice insurance program tailored for direct primary care docs.

  • DPCA members can anticipate saving at least 20% compared to the market average rates

  • Flexible coverage options to ensure your malpractice plan meets your practice scope

  • Free Retirement Tail

  • No premium penalty for early termination of coverage

  • Defense costs outside of the Limits of Liability

  • Full Consent to Settle on Claims

  • Quarter Time and Part Time discounts

  • 3% additional premium discount when paying in Full by Check or ACH (bank draft)

DPCA Malpractice Insurance

Advocacy & Movement Building

The Direct Primary Care movement continues to grow across the United States. While the DPC Alliance’s main focus is on empowering DPC clinics to be successful, we are also growing awareness and understanding of the DPC model more broadly. To that end, the Alliance maintains relationships and works with the media, academic institutions, and other professional organizations.

The growth of the Direct Primary Care model will have far-reaching impacts on our health care system. Scaling it will necessarily force changes to many aspects of the status quo. The Alliance will be on guard to protect the principles and interests of independent DPC practices. This is what we mean by advocacy.

The DPCA does not engage in any direct lobbying activities at the local, state, or federal levels.

The DPC Alliance is a Maine based nonprofit membership association.

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