I am glad to accept a nomination to the Advisory Board of the DPCAlliance.  I am willing to lend my effort to see DPC promoted as I feel there are so many who have been working hard to do this, and this is one way I can give back and volunteer.  An advisory role fits me well as I have varied work experiences. After 17 years as a hospital employed physician in a 2 person practice that we grew to 5 doctors, 4 NPs and a dietician, I left the hamster wheel and worked for 4 years at a near site/on site non-insurance based practice.  I just passed my 2 year anniversary as a self employed DPC physician. I think the different perspectives I have gained from these very different approaches has left me with some useful insight.

At 53, I’m still young enough to care about the future of medicine, but old enough not to care what most people think (other than the ones that matter… and most don’t).

- Joel Schumacher, MD