Hello! Thank you so much for considering me as a candidate for the advisory committee. This is an exciting time for DPC. The movement is growing. More and more we can show how this model saves cost, makes patients happy, and brings back the joy of practicing medicine. DPC truly aligns physician and patient values which is the undercurrent of its success. I love this community and I would love to be more involved.

My husband and I have a DPC in Irvine, California called Halcyon Health. We have been in operation since March of 2016. I am a Family Physician and have had experience working in academics and a large ACO prior to starting our DPC.

I am awed and inspired by the doctors in the Alliance. We all come from different backgrounds, yet we are united by our desire to practice high quality, cost effective, patient centered medicine. Our united voices are very powerful and so important as our country struggles with repairing our broken healthcare system. I want to be part of this. I want to help keep us united all across the country so we can keep moving forward. I want to help continue to foster trust and open communication in our community. Thank you!