Establishing a DPC Alliance Insurance Program


The DPC Alliance is actively exploring partnering with a leading national insurance brokerage to develop an insurance package to save our members on the various insurance coverage policies you need to run your practice. Our prospective partner anticipates that the DPC Alliance insurance package will costs approximately 30% less than typical market rates. Check out the package offering outline here.

To get started on this we need to collect declarations from 100+ DPC doctors to get the lowest possible prices. Declarations will be anonymized and will not represent any commitment to sign up. We have started collecting DPC declaration pages, but we need yours too. The more submissions we get the more we can save you and other DPC Alliance members on getting necessary insurance coverage.

What is a “Declaration Page”?

Your declaration page (sometime referred to as a DEC page) should include the following information. To learn more about how to find your declaration page is check out this link

  • The insurance policy number

  • Name and address of the policyholder

  • Who the Named Insured's on the policy are

  • The insurance company name, address and contact information

  • Information needed to report a claim

  • Identification of the insured property

  • What coverages are included

  • What type of coverage the policy is for, for example, the policy form, like a malpractice

  • Limits of insurance per coverage, for example Dwelling Values for homes

  • Deductibles per coverage

  • Endorsements with limits and deductibles

  • The policy effective date and expiry date (How Long the Insurance Policy is valid for)

  • Discounts and surcharges

  • Policy Rating information

  • Price of the insurance, also known as the premium

  • Additional Named Insureds, such as Mortgagees, Leasing companies, banks for car loans, or any other person who has an insurable interest in the property due to having provided financing on the property.

  • Limits of Liability

Contact Joe Grundy ( if you would be willing to share your declaration pages.