DPC Alliance - 2019 Member Election Information

Elections are occurring now! This blog post will provide you with an overview of open positions, the process for nominations and elections and the timeline for participation.

Who is being elected?

There will be four openings in our Advisory Committee to fill in 2020. 

What is an Advisory Committee Member?  The DPC Alliance has nine Advisory Committee Members. Advisory Committee Members make up the Board of Directors along with the Executive Committee. The Advisory Committee Members serve three year terms, advise and work with the Executive Committee on all major Alliance decisions and head up sub-groups within the Alliance (such as the Membership Committee, Social Media Committee, etc.). Advisory Committee Members may be re-elected indefinitely and have no limits on number of terms served. At minimum, Advisory Committee Members must participate in a 2-3 hour quarterly call with the entire Board of Directors.

Who can run for Advisory Committee Member? Any DPCA member in good standing, in active DPC practice may be nominated for the Advisory Committee.

Who can nominate and vote for an Advisory Committee Member? Any DPCA member in good standing, in active DPC practice may nominate and participate in the election process. Medical students, resident physicians and physicians not in active DPC practice may neither nominate nor vote in elections. Self-nomination is permitted.

Present Advisory Committee members include:  Drs. Jeffrey Gold, Doug Farrago, Michael Ciampi, Lisa Davidson, Jennifer Harader, Vance Lassey, Kissi Blackwell, Shane Purcell, and Thomas White.

Drs. Farrago, Davidson, and Caimpi are presently serving the last year of their  terms and their seats are up for nomination this election cycle. Dr. Vance Lassey will be transitioning from the Advisory Committee to take on duties as the Vice President of the DPC Alliance and joining the Executive Committee. The full DPC Alliance Board & Leadership can be found linked here

What is the timeline for this process?

The timing and electoral process is outlined below. We encourage all voting members to attend to these dates and actively participate in the nomination and election process.

  • August 12: Open for Nominations! Nominations may be sent to vote@dpcalliance.org after this date. Nominees will be contacted on a rolling-basis to confirm their interest in becoming an Advisory Committee Member

  • September 20: Nominations are closed

  • September 23: Nominees announced.

  • September 23-Oct 1: Nominees will provide DPCA Vice President with a document of interest (1 paragraph) and qualifications (1 paragraph) via vote@dpcalliance.org

  • October 1- October 20th Nominee profiles with brief video statement of  their interests in running for the Advisory Committee will be posted on the DPC Alliance website

  • October 18th-19th: Elections via anonymized online poll. DPCA voting members will receive an emailed link to access voting. More information on these details will be available on the Alliance website soon.
    October 25: Winners will be announced via DPCA website and DPCA Facebook page. 

  • January 6, 2020: New Advisory Committee Members will assume their duties January 6, 2020

Thank you for your commitment to direct primary care, to the DPCA and to physician-led healthcare solutions. We look forward to your involvement and continued growth of the DPCA!

Direct any questions you have to either the DPCA Vice President (Julie Gunther, MD) or Executive Director (Joe Grundy).