Introducing our Executive Director

I am pleased to announce that the DPC Alliance now has an Executive Director! Mr. Joe Grundy will help lead us into the future.

Joe Grundy, MBA   Executive Director, DPC Alliance

Joe Grundy, MBA
Executive Director, DPC Alliance

With a strong background in primary care transformation and advocacy, Joe was one of the very first proponents of the DPC model. While working for the American Academy of Family Physicians, Joe took an interest in the emerging group of rebel doctors doing this “DPC thing.” After deciding we were only half-crazy, he quickly became a believer in our mission and goals. From 2012-2015 he worked on all things DPC within the AAFP, including convening leaders, developing resources, and planning workshops.

In 2015, Joe was instrumental in pushing for and planning the first national DPC Summit in Kansas City. At that time, there were (at most) a couple of hundred active DPC practices in the country. Most of them had just opened recently. Joe and the handful of DPC doctors on the planning committee had no idea what to expect.

We were stunned that 317 doctors from 45 states attended that event. The Summit was a smashing success. The passion was palpable. Dozens of DPC doctors have since told me that the presentations and camaraderie of that weekend inspired them to take their leap of faith.  There have been many seminal moments in the DPC movement, but that conference was a significant spark that helped light this fire. I cannot thank Joe enough for believing in us during those early days.

Since then, Joe has held a few other positions in the primary care world but has always been a champion of the DPC model. We are very excited that he will officially be flying the DPC flag again!

The Alliance already has an excellent start on meany teams, resources, and services. But advancing those with only volunteer physicians has proven challenging. (Some would say, “like herding cats,” but I think it’s more akin to wrestling rabid cheetahs).

Joe will work with the Alliance Board of Directors to fulfill the organization’s mission of providing vision, leadership, and guidance to the DPC community through physician-led education, mentorship, advocacy, and organizational intelligence.

He is the perfect person to help us accomplish our goals and will be a fantastic ambassador.

Welcome, Joe!

W. Ryan Neuhofel, DO, MPH
President, DPC Alliance