Directory & Visitor Services

We are pleased to announce the DPC Alliance Physician Directory. This resource will allow the public or a fellow doctor to easily find a DPC physician in their area, as well as many other things! A few of the unique features of our directory:


Doctors (active DPCA members) will be listed as individuals, rather than by clinic. Information about the respective doctor's DPC practice is included on the profile but we think showing the diverse faces of the DPC movement will be great; as well as provide more information to patients wanting something particular in a primary care physician.

If multiple physicians exist within a DPC practice, our directory will aggregate them by location on the mapper while still providing an individual profile for each.


The search functions are basic now-- allowing a person to look by zip code (e.g. within 50 miles) or by state (e.g. Texas)-- but we are planning on adding more functions here in the future.


DPC Alliance members who are logged into their account will also be able to see "Visitor Services" within a fellow doctor's profile. This allows a doctor to look for potential resources (fellow DPCA member) for a patient when they are traveling and need medical attention. Providing this information does not commit a DPCA member to any particular service, and any such arrangements will be done a voluntary, case-by-case, and practice-to-practice basis.

If you would like to see other features added to our directory, please let us know.