Member spotlight: Lisa Davidson, DO

Hey hey hey! It's Wonder Member Wednesday!


Today it is our privilege to highlight the feisty, vibrant Lisa Davidson, DO. Dr. Davidson is a member of the DPCA Advisory Committee and a DPC pioneer. She launched Insight Primary Care in 2012 in Denver, Colorado joined by Melissa Jones, PA-C. They share a practice and have been at capacity for the last few years, taking new patients by wait-list only.

Dr. Davidson is a physician advocate and believes in work-life balance. She continues to modify the services at Insight to forge a sustainable, transparent DPC model.She believes DPC provides the opportunity to design a practice that allows you to serve your patients and care for yourself.

Dr. Davidson is one of the leads of Rocky Mountain DPC Alliance and was integrally involved in the passage of DPC legislation in Colorado in 2017.

Advocate, pioneer, entrepreneur, lobbyist, leader, doctor, mother, friend. . . Dr. D- we salute you!

Find her here:

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