Member spotlight: Amber Beckenhauer, MD

Dr. Amber Beckenhauer! Dr. Beckenhauer grew up in Nebraska with a vision for comprehensive birth to death old-fashioned family medical care.

After residency Dr Beckenhauer found that with all of the paperwork, meetings, charting, and other duties, she had very few moments to truly enjoy her patients or the art of doctoring. She came to a crossroads where she felt like she had two choices:

"go down in flames and never see my family or patients again for longer than 15 minutes or... join the DPC docs that I respected on Facebook and follow in their footsteps."

We are so excited she picked option 2!

Welcome to The Healthy Human DPC located in Blair, Nebraska.

Two months in and Dr. Beckenhauer and Melanie Dresden, APRN have 181 patient members.

She states: "even though I went from a salary to none, my life is at its fullest. You have to find what matters most and then build everything around that."

Learn more about The Healthy Human and Dr. Amber at:

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