Member spotlight: Jennifer Harader, MD

Harader Oasis Family Medicine 2.jpg

Dr. Harader co-founded Oasis Family Medicine in March 2015 with Holly Cobb, APRN-C after strategic and amicable negotiations with her then-employer. Oasis started with 289 patients and 3 staff. Today (3 years later) they employ 6 staff and care for >1550 patients!

Oasis's has not only been a resource for fantastic primary care but in 3 years has also provided more than 19,800 in-house medication fills, 400 imaging studies and more than 5000 labs at wholesale pricing, saving patients time and money.

Dr Harader explains, "our success is based on creating the type of practice we would want to be part of. Also the grace of God and some dumb luck. 🙂 Our biggest hurdles are ... the challenge of what to do next, as our practice is ready to grow again and we need to find the right person to join our team."

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