Profile management, directory, discounts, & more!

DPC Alliance members,

We have been hard at work behind the scenes these past few months to put the Alliance in a great position to launch new member services in 2019. I am excited to share some of those with you now…

  • Membership & profile management. We have made managing your membership with us, including profile (personal and practice) & membership dues, a breeze. Members can log in the members area of our website to get started. The first time you will need to request your password using primary email you gave us upon enrollment. For those curious about payment of 2019 member dues, this is where you will management payments.

  • DPCA Physician Directory. Our directory of DPC Alliance physicians is now live! This directory is first by individual physician to show America the faces of DPC doctors nationwide! You can include your DPC practice info on your profile. All of this information is editable on your profile. We encourage you to review this, and also upload a personal photo (under Media section) if you don’t already have one.

  • Member Discounts. A driving force behind the DPC movement is being conscience of costs; both for patients and our own practices. Some may call us “penny pinchers”, but that business acumen is what keeps our prices affordable for patient. The Alliance has partnered with a wide variety of vendors through our Member Advantage Partner Program to give you preferred pricing on their goods & services. One of the most exciting partnerships we have confirmed thus for is with True Health Diagnostics who have agreed to provide our members great client-bill rates nationwide. We have several more in line to launch Jan. 1 so stay tuned for more!

  • DPCA Visitor Services. Many DPC practices have organically helped out fellow DPC patients when traveling, and we want to support efforts like that. So, we are allowing members to include a description of “Visitor Services” on their profile. This information will only be visible to Alliance members who are logged in looking at the directory. If your DPC practice is willing to see fellow Alliance members' patients when they are traveling, please provide those details (services, pricing & policies) in your profile (under Practice section). Providing this information does not commit you to any particular service, and any such arrangements will be done a voluntary, case-by-case, and practice-to-practice basis.

  • Alliance Events. Starting in 2019, we are going to be sharing upcoming DPC-related events on our calendar. Some of these will be familiar conferences that we will be sponsoring, but also some DPCA get-togethers (virtually & live).

  • New Member Application. If you have not yet joined the Alliance, we have made it easier than ever!

Okay, that’s probably enough announcements for one post, but we will be sharing much more in the coming weeks & months. I want to thank all of Alliance members who have put in a tremendous about of volunteer work in to these efforts. If you would like to help us out, we are going to make it easier to join and find a committee very soon.

Have a great weekend and holiday season,

President, DPC Alliance