Member spotlight: Peter Lehmann, MD


Dr. Peter Lehmann has loved medicine since the day he decided to become a physician. He founded Vintage Direct Primary care in January 2016 in Poulsbo, Washington and opened a second location last summer in Kingston, Washington. Offering “modern care with old-time service”, Dr. Lehmann and his staff of 3 keep things personalized, approachable and affordable.

In addition to enjoying the freedom of being his own boss, Dr. Lehmann states DPC affords him so much more time with patients. “I give much more through care than I could ever give in a fee-for-service environment. I refer people out so much less. The days are still long, but I spend my time differently.”

For physicians wondering about transitioning to DPC, Dr. Lehmann recommends doing a lot of research. “You don’t need to reinvent the wheel”. He recommends joining DPC Facebook groups, going to a DPC meeting such as the AAFP’s DPC Summit or D4PC Nuts and Bolts. He states all of the resources are “out just need to PLAN.  The DPC model is simple. The devil is in the details.” 

“Prepare to work your butt off-- for you!”

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