Member spotlight: Allison Edwards, MD


Meet Dr. Allison Edwards, DPC Alliance Secretary Extraordinaire and founder of Kansas City Direct Primary Care (KCDPC).

Dr. Allison founded KCDPC in January 2017, after working her tail off doing locums work to save money and plan her DPC clinic. She was inspired by other DPC physicians in her home state of Kansas and by her own vision for ideal medical care. Dr. Allison believes, DPC is “medicine the way medicine should be done. It's more time with your patients, and having the time to both get to know them and to make plans that fit in the greater context of their life.”

With her colleagues in the Midwest DPC Alliance, Dr. Allison and KCDPC along with 14 other doctor-owned micro practices purchased and waived over 1.4 MILLION DOLLARS (yes, MILLION!) in medical debt. Learn more about that amazing work here:

Dr. Allison may not admit it, but she is a DPC prodigy. To launch out on her own cash-practice straight out of residency, to grow in great leadership in DPC circles and mentoring roles all while working locums tenens to financially support her practice AND to do all this in under two years--- amazing.

We salute you, Dr. Allison Edwards. Thanks for showing the great work that can be done when one energetic, capable, intelligent, forward-thinking physician believes, “We can do better.”

For physicians thinking about DPC, Dr. Allison recommends:  “many DPC docs are entrepreneurs by default.  So step up!  Channel your inner entrepreneur spirit and hold on for the ride!”

Find Dr. Allison and KCDPC here: