Benefits of Alliance Membership



The Alliance steadfastly supports the physician-to-physician mentorship model that has given rise to this grassroots movement. This will continue to be backbone of growing the DPC movement. The Alliance will support existing forums and explore the creation of new mentoring mediums.

DPC University

The DPC Alliance serves as a clearinghouse for best practices and information for all things related to starting and operating a Direct Primary Care practice.  We are in the infancy of developing educational resources but are now building the foundations of DPC University. It will serve as a comprehensive, interactive, & ever-growing knowledge base for the DPC community. 


The Alliance provides its members an assortment of special discounts on good and services that are needed to run their unique practices. These programs will allow DPC practices to cut operating costs and do what they do best: provide affordable care to their patients. 

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While our main focus is on empowering DPC clinics to be successful, we are also growing awareness and understanding of the DPC model more broadly. The Alliance maintains relationships with the media, academic institutions, and other professional organizations.  

The growth of the Direct Primary Care model will have far reaching impacts on our health care system. Scaling it will necessarily force changes to many aspects of the status quo. The Alliance will be on guard to protect the principles and interests of independent DPC practices.