Thank you for the DPC Alliance board nomination. I am grateful for the opportunity.

We all believe in the power of DPC, and our hearts are beating strong for the movement. I feel that I would bring a little variety to the DPC Alliance and DPC docs across the nation with the ancillary services that are available to my patients. I practice Family Medicine as my staple, but love to add in specialty options such as Allergy Testing and Allergy Choices, OB/GYN with C-Section and Vaginal deliveries, Novasure Endometrial Ablations and Hysteroscopy, Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy & Replacement, and now Aesthetics & Skin Care. When you have a board full of like minded Physicians things can get monotonous, “shaking it up” a little bit keeps us innovative and constantly learning.

I also have worked hard with our local specialists to truly take cash based practice by the horns and move forward with a DPC movement of their own. I have been working diligently for the past 10 months on an Omaha Cash Pay Surgical Center to offer comparable, and/or lower prices, than Oklahoma Surgical Center. We are almost ready to roll out some of the new things we have coming down the pipeline and I think it will be great for the Midwest. If we can get more DPC advocates on board, specialists and FP docs alike, then we can continue to make an impact in this healthcare revolution.

That’s my .02 cents, short and sweet :)

-Dr. B