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Tiffany Leonard


Member profile details

Membership level
DPC Physician Member
First name
Avatar (Headshot)
Medical Degree
DPC Practice Name
Deer View Family Medicine
DPC Practice Street Address
319 W County Line Rd, Ste 6
DPC Practice City, State, Zip
Hatboro, PA 19040
DPC Practice Website
DPC Practice Phone
(215) 420-7587
Office Photo
What is your average periodic (eg, membership, subscription, or retainer) fee per month per patient
$50-75 per month
Do you offer a family or child discount of some type?
Yes, children added to adult member account at reduced rate (aka. "plus-kid" pricing)
What percentage of your patients receive some form of charitable care (free or reduced cost)?
Services Offered At DPC Practice
  • In-office Dispensing of Medications
  • Discounted Labs
  • Discounted Radiology
  • After-hours Cell Phone Contact
  • Email Communication
  • Text Messaging (SMS) Communication
  • Fully Direct (no participation in ANY health insurance plans)
  • Opted-out of Medicare
  • Home Visits/House Calls
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