Nominees for President-Elect and Vice President
for 2020-2022 term

The DPC Alliance is guided by an Advisory Committee that includes 9 members and the most recent Past-President. The committee advises the Executive Committee, and along with them, makes up the Alliance Board of Directors.

President-Elect and the Vice President are nominated and elected by membership at-large.

Candidates are listed alphabetically

Voting will be conducted by email (ballot sent to all Alliance members preferred email address).

*** VOTING IS OPEN OCT 25-30, 2018 ***

Winners announced Nov. 1, 2018. Positions assumed Jan. 1, 2020.

Dr. Jack Forbush of Hampden, ME

Dr. Jack Forbush of Hampden, ME

Jack Forbush, DO
Candidate for President-Elect

DPC Practice: Osteopathic Center for Family Medicine

I am extremely humbled and honored to have been nominated for the position of President-Elect. As many of you know, I have been involved in the Direct Primary Care Alliance since it’s inception and have been one of it’s strongest proponents and active participant.

The Direct Primary Care Alliance has enormous potential. The on-going support and investment by our “DPC” brothers and sisters demonstrate the sheer power we have and hint at what we can attain to afford great changes in the delivery of medical care to out patients.

The Executive Team and Board of Directors should be applauded for taking what seemed like a futile dream and transforming this dream into a reality.

I envision a future in which the Direct Primary Care Alliance solidifies it’s influence and matures to become the default resource for advocacy, education and mentorship. Achieving this requires continuing the steadfast leadership and commitment the Executive Team and Board of Directors have afforded the membership.

I look forward to continuing my service to the DPC community and the Direct Primary Care Alliance. If selected as President-Elect, I will fulfill the duties with all the fervor, energy, fortitude and grit I committed to date….and then some!

Again, my sincere thanks for the nomination. I am looking forward to seeing and partaking in great things!

Dr. Julie Gunther of Boise, ID

Dr. Julie Gunther of Boise, ID

Julie Gunther, Md
Candidate for President-Elect

DPC Practice: SparkMD

Hi all. Thank you for the nomination for President of the Direct Primary Care Alliance.

I’m Dr. Julie Gunther. I am a Board-Certified Family Physician, a Fellow with the AAFP, Board Member of the Direct Primary Care Coalition and current Vice President of the Direct Primary Care Alliance.

I am asking for your vote for me to be the next President of the Direct Primary Care Alliance.

In 2014, I opened spark MD, a direct primary care practice in Boise, Idaho. We have grown from 0 to 700 patients in the midst of challenges including being the first DPC in our region and one of the first few in the Pacific Northwest and my own diagnosis of breast cancer in year 2. DPC has saved me to stay in medicine. I speak nationally for the AAFP, Doctors 4 Patient Care, the Hint Summit and The Benjamin Rush Institute about how to return to being the doctor you set out to be. I have been interviewed by NPR, Bloomberg, Medical Economics and written a 73 page informal 'how to' for DPC. I helped co-write and get passed Senate bill 1062a (Idaho's DPC law), have met with Medicare on DPC pilot projects, help edit letters to CMMI for the DPC Coaliation and the DPC alliance. Working with Dr. Phil Eskew, I helped establish additional opt-out eligible side jobs for DPC physicians. I have written many of the DPCA member moments, helped plan and coordinate the 2nd Pacific Northwest DPC physician get together and organized and paid for the first DPC doctors 'after hours' in 2014 after the DPC Summit... among many other things.

It is with incredible gratitude that I have “grown-up“ with Dr. Ryan Neuhofel, Dr. Josh Umbehr, Dr. Phil Eskew, Dr. Lisa Davidson, Dr. Thomas White, Dr. Amy Walsh, Dr. Jeff Gold, Dr. Douglas Farrago, Dr. Jennifer Harader and innumerable other physician leaders in the direct primary care community. These are my friends, my mentors and we have encouraged and worked together to grow the direct primary care movement.

In four years time DPC has grown from 120 clinics to over 900. We have passed legislation in more than 20 states. We have fought on Capitol Hill for legislative change to benefit ALL patients. My interest in the Presidency for the Alliance is to continue to facilitate growth, education and inclusion in the direct primary care movement. We can expand our advocacy and grow our membership throughout the US. We can do more to advocate for cohesion among multiple models of cash-based healthcare. We can continue to work cohesively politically and in the national press and with organizations such as the AAFP to represent DPC and doctoring in our best light.

Together we can continue to grow this once-grassroots movement into a full-fledged storm of healthcare transformation.

I firmly believe that integrity, autonomy and earnestness is what’s going to grow this movement. Personal, business and professional challenges are different for each of us. However, the foundation of any successful direct primary care practice is a willingness to take risks, to take amazing care of patients and to develop intense business acumen. Being challenged to do hard things, to work harder and to do more, together, is what is going to move us all forward.

Direct primary care has an incredible opportunity to continue to flourish and to become a stable model for healthcare transformation. And it would be my great privilege to help us all continue to push forward, collectively, to do amazing things, together.

Dr. Paul Thomas of Detroit, MI

Dr. Paul Thomas of Detroit, MI

Paul Thomas, Md
Candidate for President-Elect

DPC Practice: Plum Health DPC

Dr. Vance Lassey of Holton, KS

Dr. Vance Lassey of Holton, KS

Vance Lassey, MD
Candidate for Vice President

DPC Practice: Holton Direct Care

A big thanks to my amazing colleagues who nominated me for the position of Vice President-Elect in the Direct Primary Care Alliance.

I’m humbled and honored, but am supposed to talk about myself now anyway.I am far from perfect, but I accepted this nomination because I do have a couple of useful character traits for DPC leadership (and yes, because I heard cookies would be served at the inauguration). The first trait is loyalty. I’ll defend my friends and my values to the bitter end. DPC docs are by far the closest friends I have, and despite our incredible diversity, we’re united under the banner of DPC and all the common sense and positive “medical values” it stands for. The second is my dedication to the movement of DPC. I am sold out on DPC. Literally and figuratively. Like many of you, I risked literally everything on DPC. I actually sold 70 acres of land and my house and moved my family into a cabin. I believe in what we are doing. To the bone. They say that upon consideration of the formidable challenge his army faced after landing in Mexico, Cortez, in order to eliminate the option of retreat, ordered his men to burn the ships. Extreme, but effective. That is my mindset for DPC as my career, and also for my vision of the DPCA’s potential. GO. Always forward. No retreat.

Dr. Kylie Vannaman of Overland Park, KS

Dr. Kylie Vannaman of Overland Park, KS

Kylie Vannaman, MD
Candidate for Vice President

DPC Practice: Health Suite 110

I am honored to be nominated for the position of DPCA Vice President and would be proud to serve my rebel-rouser colleagues in this position. Thanks to the support and advice of many generous DPC physicians who have come before me, I co-founded Health Suite 110, a DPC practice in Overland Park, KS that has been open since July 2015 and growing steadily. While not one who overly enjoys the spotlight, I have worked hard to propel the DPC movement forward on a local scale. In October 2015, I founded the Midwest DPC Alliance in an effort to encourage camaraderie and support for my fellow DPC colleagues in and around the Kansas City area. From that modest dinner of 5, we have grown to over 40 DPC providers and continue to meet quarterly despite everyone’s busy lives, which tells me these meetings are worthwhile. It has been an honor and privilege to organize these events and has allowed me to stay in touch with the changing needs of my colleagues, as well as with specialists interested in partnering with us. My goal as VP would be to continue to foster an environment of support and collaboration among the DPC community and help us stay focused on the overall goals that we set forth with as little drama as possible.