2018 Nominees for Advisory Committee

The DPC Alliance is guided by an Advisory Committee that includes 9 members and the most recent Past-President. The committee advises the Executive Committee, and along with them, makes up the Alliance Board of Directors.

Advisory Committee members are nominated and elected by membership at-large. The committee is built on staggered 3-year terms, with 3 new members being elected each year. The nominees (7) for the 3 open spots are listed below, including profiles and statements from each candidate.

Voting will be conducted by email (ballot sent to all Alliance members preferred email address).

*** VOTING IS OPEN OCT 18-25, 2018 ***

Winners announced Nov. 1, 2018. Positions assumed Jan. 1, 2019.

Dr. Shane Purcell of Anderson, SC

Dr. Shane Purcell of Anderson, SC

Shane purcell, md

DPC Practice: Direct Access MD

Restoring the patient-physician relationship every day.

Dr. Shane Purcell was born in Athens, GA and is a true Bulldog by birth. He graduated Mercer University School of Medicine after completing Armstrong State College in Savannah, GA. He went on to finish a family medicine residency in Anderson, SC were he continues to reside.

Dr. Purcell is an active member in several medical organizations including American Association of Physicians and Surgeons, Free Market Medical Association, DPC Alliance and American Academy of Family Physicians. He currently is the Vice Chair of the Direct Primary Care Member Interest Group for the AAFP and a founding member of the DPC Alliance and the Carolina’s Free Market Medical Association.

To my DPC Colleagues:

It’s an honor to be nominated by my peers to join this group of rebels as we take medicine back from the dark side. I have been fighting since 2005, when I opened my first cash only clinic Ideal Family Health in the back of a local gym. That clinic was low over-head and cash based just like our direct care clinics are today with one exception, the recurring low monthly fee.

Now, with all the technology we have, real direct care has transformed family medicine and soon all of primary care. My partner Dr. Amy Cianciolo and I have been open since 2015 and continue to add patients. And now, we are beginning to rescue other tired, frustrated and burned out physicians in our community to join us. The fight is just beginning. And I stand with all of you DPC docs at the front lines and say, send me.

Dr. Kissi Blackwell of Wichita Falls, TX

Dr. Kissi Blackwell of Wichita Falls, TX

Kissi Blackwell, MD

DPC Practice: Clarity Direct Care

I am very honored to be nominated for the DPCA Advisory Committee. The DPC movement is on the forefront of medicine today, and it would be my distinct pleasure to help in some small way to continue to push this movement forward and help form the way future physicians practice medicine. I feel that the most important part of this movement is for us to support each other, both inside our Alliance and outside of it to help recruit new members and truly save other physicians from the system that is killing them. With a strong leadership and a united voice, we can make our needs known and protect and retake our profession. As a member of the advisory board and a proud founding member of the Alliance, I would uphold and support these ideals and and help educate others to do the same.

Dr. Ken Rictor of Scotland, PA

Dr. Ken Rictor of Scotland, PA

Ken Rictor, MD

DPC Practice: Scotland Family Medicine

My name is Ken Rictor. I have been in a solo Family Medicine private practice, Scotland Family Medicine, since 1988. In 2014 I converted my practice to Direct Primary Care after feeling unsettled with governmental and insurance interference with my medical care.

At the time of my conversion, March 2014, I had over 4000 patients in my practice. I had an initial 375 join the DPC. At that time, there were 174 practices in the country practicing under the DPC model. I attended my first DPC Summit in the summer of 2014 and recognized the quality and vision of other DPC doctors. The camaraderie was something that I had not previously experienced in other medical meetings and I would be pleased to have any of those doctors as my practitioner and friend. The willingness to help and give advice was unique and was another measure of the focus and direction that DPC doctors were taking.

I became a member of the DPC coalition in DC to help initiate change and legislation for DPC growth in the country. I have given many presentations to local groups and also at the DPC summits and at HINT summits. I have written various articles on DPC to help with the understanding and adoption of this model. I currently have a youtube channel “CURBSIDE CONSULT WITH DR KEN RICTOR” to educate patients on medical issues and on learning about Direct Primary Care.

My practice has grown to over 700 patients and I am now actively working with business groups and benefits brokers to form partnerships with businesses to enhance accessibility, affordability, convenience and efficiency with health care.

I feel the DPC Alliance is a great tool to bring consensus thought into DPC practices while maintaining independence. As we encourage more physicians to take this route, I truly believe that we can change the face of healthcare across the country. Each time, we can encourage and help a physician have a successful DPC practice, we all benefit. Open source knowledge is on display with the DPC model and I feel the DCP alliance will be a critical tool that can be utilized by all practices in any stage of growth.

I appreciate your consideration in the advisory committee.

Dr. Thomas White of Cherryville, NC

Dr. Thomas White of Cherryville, NC

Thomas White, MD

DPC Practice: Hometown Direct Care

Thank you for your email and for the nomination to serve on the DPCA Advisory Committee.

Here is my story, briefly:

I was born and raised in Cherryville NC, attended Duke for my undergraduate and medical educations, and completed my Family Medicine residency in Charlotte NC. After serving on the residency faculty and practicing in Charlotte, I returned to my hometown of Cherryville in 1988 to open Cherryville Primary Care. In March of 2015, I opened a solo independent direct primary care practice, aptly named Hometown Direct Care. In 2015 I served as President of the North Carolina of Family Physicians. For 2017-2018, I have served as the Chair of the DPC Member Interest Group of the AAFP.

I am married to Diana, and we have 2 children, Whitney, an RN, Daniel, a physician in residency, and 2 grandchildren, Lawson and Addie. I enjoy traveling, college basketball and football, straw bale gardening, and hiking. After running many marathons, my goal is to complete the Appalachian Trail.

Direct Primary Care has given me the opportunity to be the kind of family physician I aspired to be when I chose a career in medicine: patient centric, a listener, a problem solver, and a contributor to my community. I am convinced that DPC offers the best hope for our speciality of Family Medicine. I am beholdened to those who cleared the path of DPC before me. I would be honored to support and contribute to the DPCA, on behalf of my colleagues, and most importantly, our patients.

Thank you for this nomination.

Dr. Matthew Haden of Washington, D.C.

Dr. Matthew Haden of Washington, D.C.

Matthew Haden, MD, MPH, MBA

DPC Practice: Modern Mobile Medicine

I would like to join the DPCA Advisory Committee to help give back to the DPC community and help preserve and build upon the foundation laid by the pioneers of this movement. I have been involved in DPC since 2010, attending my first FMEC DPC Summit in 2012. I offer a unique perspective as the founder of a house call based DPC practice, serving the Washington DC metro area. I would like to give a voice to DPC practices that do not follow the most common model, to help prevent state and federal regulations from stifling innovation and experimentation among DPC practices. We are already seeing this, as many state DPC statutes too narrowly define DPC arrangements. I also accept patients from a corporate DPC network and understand the benefits and drawbacks of that model. I can help inform discussions of that hot-button topic. My location in DC also affords me the opportunity to advocate for DPC at the federal level, as I did recently at the White House, even on short notice. I would love the chance to serve on the DPCA Advisory Committee, so I ask for your vote.

Dr. Josh Umbehr of Wichita, KS

Dr. Josh Umbehr of Wichita, KS


DPC Practice: Atlas.MD

Thank you for the opportunity to apply for the DPCA Advisory Committee. It is been exciting to watch the organization grow from the ground up over this last year and I think there is significant potential to help the direct care community. I have intentionally been fairly hands-off so as to allow the board to have its own fresh and unique voice during this growth phase. It would be a privilege to be able to continue to participate on the committee for the upcoming term. Between the inevitable organic growth of independent practices, increasing involvement of politics and lobbyists, and threats from corporate interests … I think there will be plenty of work to be done and I will be happy to be much more involved than I have than.

Thank you for your consideration.

Dr. Robert Lockwood, MD of Norman, OK

Dr. Robert Lockwood, MD of Norman, OK

Robert Lockwood, MD

DPC Practice: Primary Health Partners

Graduated from University of Oklahoma in 1999 with MD. I am a board certified in Family Medicine. Practiced for 13 years in a large hospital system in Oklahoma until 2016. In January of 2016 started a Primary Health Partners a DPC practice with Dr. Kyle Rickner. We currently have 6 providers in two locations with a third location to open January 2019 with two additional providers. My interests are practicing patient care the way it is intended to be practiced. Rescuing doctors from burn out and keeping them in practice longer. Helping employers find healthcare solutions for their employees. I believe growing DPC is the way to achieve all of the above.